Why a long term restroom trailer rental from Summit City Rental?

When thinking of portable restroom one must wonder why a portable restroom trailer rental? Another question, is I don’t want a portable restroom rental that’s plastic, smells at festivals, and looks overused or no toilet paper remaining. (I am sure we’ve all been there with a concert, festival or restaurant singing the toilet paper song).

However, a restroom trailer rental is essential for all businesses where they don’t want their employees to be caught with the stigma of a Fort Wayne porta potty rental. As such, a Fort Wayne restroom trailer rental is used for week(s), months or years. Also, cities want restroom trailer rentals when looking at large crowds for the holidays, special events or other large crowded activities. Finally, events wanting to offer a VIP experience for their guests.

A restroom trailer rental we have provided for is:

Fort Wayne Restroom Trailer Rental at local mallsMalls during the holidays or issues with plumbing

We have provided restroom trailers to local malls across the midwest. We have worked with South Bend, IN restroom trailer rentals mall, Mishawawka, IN restroom trailer rental mall, Fort Wayne restroom trailer rental Mall, and many more. We are called when the plumbing is bad and/or needs to be replaced. Another reason for the restroom trailer rental is for the month of December or other busy times. As malls anticipate for large crowds, they must also plan for adequate restrooms too. This is where Summit City Rental comes to solve the issue with our 2 stall restroom trailer rental to our 5 (five) stall restroom trailer rental. These portable trailer restroom rentals assist in providing an upscale restroom solution. 

Our restroom trailer rentals allows for stores such as Kohl’s, Jarods Jewelry, Lowe’s or other known name stores to offer their employees and guests a bathroom experience at or above what they offer in stores while their restroom is out of commission. This is essential in this setting because NO customer or employer wants to use a porta John rental or porta potty rental. Furthermore, our restroom trailer rentals unlike others around the area offers full heat and air conditioning. Also our restroom trailer rentals offers flushable toilets, sinks with hand wash stations in them, and paper towel dispenser. Finally, our restroom trailer rental offers waste that can not be seen unlike a portable restroom rental.


McDonalds fast food restaurants have used us for their portable restroom trailer rental needs. As McDonalds is redoing their bathrooms and/or lobby we are brought in to give their employees a bathroom that at or above what they had in the store. This level assists with better mentality at work and most importantly cleaner habits.


Factories use us now for our portable restroom trailer rentals. Factories have truckers coming and going daily. Some truckers stay overnight depending on the load or pull off to break before taking off again. At the end these companies need to provide a bathroom. Some provide the standard porta potty rental which is acceptable, but some offer the ability for them to wash and do their business with a restroom trailer rental. Companies do this because they don’t want outside individuals coming into the factory. Coming into the cavity for outsiders can be dangerous as they are unaware of operation or not and need not be properly instructed on where to walk in the factory for their safety.



Corporations growing or remodels.


Corporations are growing or updating their facilities. How many times were you hoping for a bathroom upgrade at your home but can’t imagine a toilet out of service for weeks or months. This is the same with corporations or factories.


We have worked with companies growing and their office staff is working out of a mobile unit trailer until they know what to do. As sometimes plans can be unknown. Another route is they are remodeling and the bathrooms will be shut down or not easily accessed. We are here with portable restroom trailer rentals. With our long term restroom rentals you’ll find yourself at or above better bathroom conditions. Plus, as stated earlier the waste is not seen but hidden. As we service the restroom trailer without going through the bathrooms.


Contact summit city rental for you next protablenrestorom rental project. You’ll be glad you’d did.


Cities like restroom trailer rentals for large public crowds coming to the city. Restroom trailer rentals are essential for cities because they allow for climate controlled areas for their incoming guests.



College graduations or orientations.