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5 Stall Luxury Restroom Trailer

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What is a restroom trailer rental?

A restroom trailer rental is what is offered by rental companies. Many individuals are used to seeing the common port-a-potty rental. A common portable rental is made of plastic, no air conditioning, and no running water. However, these portable restroom are not functional for higher end events or festivals. Instead, individuals created a restroom trailer rental that is luxurious inside and out. The restroom trailer rental is placed on a portable trailer that includes a male and female entrance. When entering the separate suites, the suites have running water and flushable toilets. Plus, the restroom trailer rental are air conditioned and have a pleasant smell. In addition, to running water, the restroom trailer rentals have paper towels for wiping your hands off. Therefore, a restroom trailer rental is wanted by everyone at higher events. As the restroom trailer rentals are cleaner, smell nicer, and are air conditioned. Reserve your restroom trailer rental at Summit City Rental.

Fort Wayne, Indiana Portable Toilet Trailer Rental.

Summit City Rental in Fort Wayne, IN now covers all your mobile portable restroom needs. We offer a portable restroom that is luxurious with air conditioning, beautiful interior, running water, and up to 250 guest. Plus, our portable restroom offers a compact yet luxurious environment. This is perfect for smaller venues and functions. A beautiful earth tone interior with coordinating hard-surface vanities is just the beginning of this designer comfort series trailer!

Our Fort Wayne portable restroom trailer floor plan includes 3 women stalls and 1 men’s suite with a urinal and stall, each with a separate entrance. Each suite includes water-saving china flushable toilet, toilet-paper holder, wall-to-wall lockable vanity with solid surface countertops with under-mount designer sink, large shatterproof mirror, metered faucets, and in-counter wastebasket with soap and paper towel dispenser. The men’s suite also includes a water saving urinal. The trailer also includes a smooth, durable white fiberglass interior, insulated walls and ceiling, and one piece aluminum seamless roof with smooth siding. Easy access for guests of all ages with 4 easy steps with full landing and single handrails. Abundant porch lighting at each entry door and 1-piece designer vinyl flooring ensures your guests can enter/ exit safely and securely no matter what time of day or night. Your guests are also sure to enjoy the comfort of a fully climate-controlled environment maintained by air conditioning and/or heat strips!



 Overview of our restroom trailer in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

 Where to rent Fort Wayne restroom trailer rental.

Our portable restroom trailer rental is picturd above. As you can see it offers two entrances. These two entrances are for men and women. In addition to the two entrances, there are led lights for safety at night. Plus, it has sturdy aluminum handrail to enter and exit safely. While inside our restroom trailer, it has a beautiful finish along with air conditioning and running water. These three (3) ammenities make it great when using the restroom. These restroom trailers can be used for multiple uses including wedding receptions, corporate events, private home rennonvations, and many more.


Rental store for restroom trailer rental in Fort Wayne, IN.

The mobile restroom trailer rental has a beaufitul finsih with hardwood floor. Plus, it has a trash compartment for paper towels and other trash consumed. The male side has a waterless urinal and toilet.

Where to rent portable restroom trailer in Fort Wayne, Auburn, Angola, and surrounding areas.

Feel free to break out decorations for our mobile restroom trailer rental (CAN NOT ATTATCH TO WALLS OR OUTSIDE). Although it may stand out like a sore thumb and super comfy inside, the outside can leave a sore eye at times. However, we encourage you to decorate the trailer with items you have. As above they used potted plants around the trailer restroom rental.

Rental store for portable restroom trailer rental for wedding.

Summit City Rental has first class service with our portable restroom trailer rental. Our restroom trailer rental can come with an attendant. As the attendant they will monitor the control of the bathrooms inside. Plus, they will ensure all bathroom units are kept clean and stocked with paper towels and tissue paper. They take the relief of having an indvidual responsible. Plus, they keep the mints, hand lotion, and mouthwash available inside the bathroom trailer. With our first class service your guest will feel like royalty.

Our first class service is for a three (3) hour period.


Our restroom trailer rental Fort Wayne is way better than having guest use a personal bathroom in your home or a porta potty. Just compare yourself.

Portable Restroom rental in Fort Wayne, IN.


As you can see in the above picture, the porta botty is in bright colors. Plus, it doesn't have air conditioning and does not look elegant. As our restroom rental is great for weddings, private events, or corporate party. In addition, our portable restroom rental has running water, privacy with thicker walls, audio sound system, and fully furnished paper towels and toilet paper. Furthermore, as a renter, you can decorate our portable restroom trailer rental with your personal touches.

Restroom trailer rental under tent for elegant look.

Summit City Rental has the ability to use our 20 foot x 20 foot high peak frame tent rental to add an elegant look for the restroom trailer rental. As our tent rental allows the restroom trailer to be free of weather and elegant. As the tent can hide the trailer by using drapes and other affixed items. Plus, as the renter you can add items around the trailer rental for added appearance.





Our Fort Wayne, IN luxury restroom trailer will accommodate up to 250 guest.

Trailer Highlights:

  • 20 Foot Length

  • Box Width 96”

  • Overall Width 98”

  • 700 Gallon Waste Tank

  • 125 Gallon Freshwater Tank

  • One Pedal Flush China Toilet and One Urinal in Men’s Suite

  • Three Pedal Flush China Toilet in Women’s Suite

  • Air Conditioning (13.5 BTU) & Heat Strips

  • Mechanic’s Room

  • Detachable Aluminum Steps and Platforms with Railings

  • LED Porch Light

  • Multi occupancy rooms


Box Width


Overall Width


Box Length


Overall Length


Interior Height


Overall Height

13″ w/ AC

Curb Weight

3937 lbs

Platform Height


Holding Tank Capacity

700  gal. (2100 flushes)

Fresh Tank Capacity

125 gal.




Porta-Potty Rental Restroom for Any Event

This porta potty restroom is great for any event where luxury is needed. As our porta potty is air conditioned, male and female entrances, and services up to 250 guest. Plus, it has a handwashing station inside the unit. Along with these amazing features you can connect it to a water hose connection for faster water output.




Where do we delivery our portable restroom trailer rental?

Our restroom trailer rental can be delivered to any area within Indiana, Ohio or Michigan. However, we commonly serve Fort Wayne, Indiana, Angola, Indiana, Van Wert, Ohio, Paulding, Ohio, Lima, Ohio and other popular areas. Unsure, where we deliver? Use our estimated quote page and enter your zip code. Our quote calculator will give you the cost. Plus, if it is not working feel free to call us at (260) 267-6730 or email us.





Common areas served with our portable restroom trailer rental.

We commonly serve the following areas on a consistent basis:

  • Marian Hills Farm (Fort Wayne, Indiana)
  • Stauffer Farms (Markle, Indiana)
  • Tent Rentals (Fort Wayne, Indiana)
  • Church Events (Fort Wayne, Indiana)
  • Housing Market (Fort Wayne, Indiana)
  • Headwater Park Festivals (Fort Wayne, Indiana)
  • Corporate Picnics (Fort Wayne, Indiana)
  • Retail Merchants with out of service bathroom (Fort Wayne, Indiana)
  • Zip Codes We Service in Allen County for our Luxury Porta Potty Restroom

43 Zip Codes supported in Fort Wayne, Indiana

46801 46802 46803 46804 46805 46806 46807 46808 46809 46814 46815 46816 46818 46819 46825 46835 46845 46850 46851 46852 46853 46854 46855 46856 46857 46858 46859 46860 46861 46862 46863 46864 46865 46866 46867 46868 46869 46885 46895 46896 46897 46898 46899

In the county of Allen Indiana.





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