Indianapolis Chiavari Chair Rental

Affordable chiavari chair rental in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Welcome to Summit City Rental. We offer the elegant chiavari chair rental in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and Ohio. 

Summit City Rental is the "go-to" company for chiavari chair rental. These chiavari chair rentals give your reception an elegant and beautiful look. 

 A quick view of our chiavari chair rental ordering and use:  

  • Choose which chiavari chair to rent below (Gold or Silver Chiavari Chair Rental). 
  • The more you order the more you save!
  • We include a free "ivory" pad for every chiavari chair rented. 
  • We can set the chiavari chairs up for a small price or as a "savvy" individual you can set the chiari chairs up. 
  • We will pick up our chiavari chairs anytime with no additional "late night pick up" charge. 
  • PLUS! Take our 2 minute survey to tell us how we did. 

Indianapolis Chiavar Chair Rental (Gold or Silver)

We have expanded to cover Indianapolis, Indiana with our affordable Gold Chiavari Chair Rental or Silver Chiavari Chair Rental. However, we want to give you a quick breakdown of the cost, which is simple and easy!

Number of Chiavari ChairsChair Rental CostDelivery to Indianapolis, INDamage Waiver (8 percent) & Tax (7 percent)Final Cost of Chair RentalPer Chair Rental Cost
1 - 1506.00$325$135.00 (150 chair *.15)$1,360.00$9.00/chair
151 - 2005.75$325$172.50 (200 chairs *.15)$1,646.00$8.24/chair
201 - 2505.50$325$206.25 (250 chairs *.15)$1,906.25$7.63/chair
251 - 3005.25$325$236.25 (300 chairs * .15)$2,136.25$7.12/chair
301 - 5005.00$325$375.00 (500 chairs * .15)$3,200$6.40/chair

 Call Summit City Rental to reserve your Gold or Silver Chiavari Chair Rentals at (260) 267-6730. 

*Pricing online does NOT reflect correct pricing. Must call (260) 267-6730*

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