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Indianapolis and Fort Wayne Chiar Rental Set Up & Tear Down. Tent Styles (What to Choose)

Summit City Rental offers a variety of tents for your special event. However, it can be daunting to realise which tent should be needed. Do not worry as we will give a quick easy breakdown of what tent styles to look for when ordering from Summit City Rental!

Pole Tents

The pole tents are super common among rental companies. The pole tents are popular as they our easy to install, require little party to assemble, and use the stakes in the ground to make the tension on the tent. However, pole tents do require stakes to be placed into the ground. Rental companies, such as Summit City Rental, can place the stakes into grass, asphalt, or cement. Unfortunately, placing stakes in asphalt or cement there is an additional charge. Also, as a homeowner you don't want a rental company placing stakes into your current cement or asphalt driveway. Ideally, once a stake is driven there is no going back to the original condition and only patching tools.

Therefore, when placing a tent on the grass consider a Pole Tent. If the tent is going anywhere else besides the grass, look towards a frame tent described below.


Frame Tents / Cable Drawn Tents

The frame tents have become super popular, especially cable drawn frame tents. A traditional frame tent included metal hardware on the sides of the tent and then hardway creating the roof. This metal hardway become heavy when it was time to lift and add the legs to the tent. Now, they still offer this design, but for sizes less than 40' x 40'; there is a cable drawn tent. This includes a metal frame around the perimitter, but 2 or more heavy duty steel cables drawn from corner to corner. A center pole rest on the steel cables. The steel cables removed the aluminom frames needed for the roof. This means less staff members to set up the tent. Also, means that the cost is affordable to a homeowner.

However, we have informed the history of the frame tent and cable drawn tents. The best part of frame tents is they are considered "FREE STANDING." As free standing they have the ability to stand with no tension from stakes or an anchor support. Frame tents need anchored so they do not fly away or move from their location. Usually a frame tent only requires four tie downs. These tie downs could be using a water barrell, to a ring alongside building, or other anchor points.

Therefore, a frame tent is great if placing on asphalt, cement, or other area where staking is limited and need water barels.

Fort Wayne Chair Rental delivery and Indianapolis delivery chair rental. Delivery Fees + Delivery Locations

Summit City Rental delivers our tent and chair rentals throughout the midwest. These locations include: Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio.

All Delivery Fees for any rental is calculated at checkout by zip code. Of course you can avoid delivery fees by picking up the rentals from our warehouse at 16219 Gar Creek Road, New Haven, IN 46774.

Indianapolis and Fort Wayne Chiar Rental Set Up & Tear Down. Set Up & Tear Down

 We offer the availability to remove the stress of setting up and tearing down the rentals. The option for Summit City Rental to set up and tear down is an additional price that is affordable. We provide a team that works with your design or wedding planners on logistics, set up, and tear down. Plus, we have been to most places in Fort Wayne, IN and Indianapolis, IN that allow our crew to be knowledgeable.

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