Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Summit City Rental Common Questions

I am renting an item and have delivery what does this include?

Delivery means that we will drop the item off and pick it up at your desired location based on the zip code. Delivery does not mean we will set items up. Items that do include set up and tear down of rental items are: Inflatables, Chairs, Cocktail Tables, Dance Floor Rental, Tents, or Lights. Items not included in set up are: Pipe and Drape, Tables, Dunk Tank, Casino Rentals, Linen Rentals, Chair Cover Rentals, or Bar Rentals. This list can change anytime so please contact us to know if set up and tear down is included.

I am renting an item and when does it need to be returned?

There are two answers for this question:
Are you a Summit CIty Rental Member? If not learn more by clicking HERE
Summit City Rental members can receive a total of 2 days, but pick up and drop off can be before or after the 2 days. (i.e. Bounce House Rented for Saturday: Pick up can be Friday after 6 p.m., use Saturday, use Sunday, and drop off Monday before 10:00 a.m.)

Non Summit City Rental Memberships can pick up their rental items day of or can pick up day before and drop off day after rental for 1/2 price rental (i.e. Bounce House Rented for Saturday pick up Friday after 6 p.m., use Saturday, and drop off Sunday before 12:00 p.m. Cost of Rental: $20.00 added extra time 1/2 of rental which is $10.00. Total Due: $30.00)

Our Rental Items are considered time out of warehouse NOT time actually used.

What is Summit City Rental Membership?

Summit City Rental membership is an annual membership that is a 2 year commitment. The cost is $100.00/year, but includes 2%-10% off per rental, extendable rental times, points sytems (points system allows you to get FREE Shipping, FREE Rental Items, or FREE Set Ups), and 2%-20% off for Summit City Rental set up. Our membership is great for individuals, wedding planners, schools, or banquet facilites that will be renting quite a bit and the membership is beneficial. 

My rental item did not work, now what?

There are flaws in rental items and that is the nature of rental items. We ensure every effort is taken to make the rental item fully functional. Please make sure this was noted when returning the item and no to the sales person. A full look into the rental item will be looked at before any refunds are given back. If the rental item is fully functional to its rental item 0-2.5% will be given back. If the rental item showed flaws, but could perform the function 20% will be returned, rental did not work at all 100% is given back.

Mother Nature ruined my event, is there money back?

Unfortunately NO. We do not control mother nature or weather. When reserving your date you decided the date NOT Summit City Rental. We have reserved that item for you on that specific date and will not retun any money for weather related issues. Summit City Rental can declare an emergency situation for rentals and will not rent them if Summit City Rental finds the rental would be in danger to future circumstance. If this occurs a 100% money back will be issued and advanced notice will be given 7 days before rental date.

Can we customize your rentals?

Yes you can customize our rentals, but any customization will be charged for full replacement charges. Any alteration to any item including color, looks, size, or any changes in our rentals you will be responsible for full replacement cost!

Is there a contract to sign?

Yes all our rentals include a contract and deposit to hold the date. Contract differs per rental item.