Tent Rental

Summit City Rental has an extensive  Fort Wayne, IN tent rental collection for your wedding, graduation, private event, or party. We have tent rentals for Indian weddings, Fort Wayne weddings, holiday parties, festivals, and private events! Browse our tent rental collection we have available for your next event in Fort Wayne, Auburn, Indianapolis, South Bend, or Ohio.

Indianapolis and Fort Wayne Tent Rental Set Up & Tear Down. Tent Styles (What to Choose)

What is the difference between our Tent Rentals?

White tent rental for Fort Wayne, Indiana, South Bend, Indianapolis, and Ohio.

Affordable frame tent rental for weddings, graduation, or private events. Delivery of tent rentals to Fort Wayne, South Bend, Indianapolis, and Ohio.

Fort Wayne tent rental accessories for our tent rentals. These include our fan rental, generator rental, and tent rental sidewalls.

Pole Tent Rental

A pole tent is a very common tent rental in Fort Wayne, IN. However, a pole tent rental needs to be staked into the ground. As a pole tent uses the tension from the stake to pull the fabric from a pole placed in the center. Unortunately, a pole tent rental needs to have center pole in the center to hold the fabric. A center pole can cause issues when walking under the tent rental. However, they are a cheaper price because the pole tents are quick and easy to set up.

Plus, as a customer, you can set up the pole tents by yourself.

Frame Tent Rental

A frame tent is another very popular tent rental in Indiana for wedding rentals. Our frame tent is a high peak frame tent which gives a cleaner look than traditional frame tents. As our frame tent's center pole rest on two or more cross cables attached to the tent. Allowing guest to walk under the tent with no center pole to worry about. Also, party rentals can be hung on the cross cables to decorate the table.

Our frame tent rentals can be placed in GRASS or on PAVEMENT, unlike pole tent rentals.

 Tent Rental Accessories

Our tent accessories can be a must have depending on the wheather. As these accessories includes fan rentals in Fort Wayne, IN or sidewall tent rentals to protect from the rain. Plus, we have tent rental lighting for when the sun goes down. Finally, we have generators so tent rentals placed with no power can still have electricity for all the necessary items.





Extra Options Including Delivery, Set Up & Tear Down.

Fort Wayne Chair Rental delivery and Indianapolis delivery chair rental. Delivery Fees + Delivery Locations

Indianapolis and Fort Wayne Chiar Rental Set Up & Tear Down. Set Up & Tear Down 

Summit City Rental delivers our tent rentals through the midwest. These locations include: Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio.

All Delivery Fees for any rental is calculated at checkout by zip code. Of course you can avoid delivery fees by picking up the rentals from our warehouse at 16219 Gar Creek Road, New Haven, IN 46774.

All tent rentals that have a delivery fee added will be set up for FREE and torn down for FREE.

However, other rentals besides tents; we offer the availability to remove the stress of setting up and tearing down the rentals. The option for Summit City Rental to set up and tear down is an additional price that is affordable. We provide a team that works with your design or wedding planners on logistics, set up, and tear down. Plus, we have been to most places in Fort Wayne, IN and Indianapolis, IN that allow our crew to be knowledgeable.



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