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  • Tent Rental Fort Wayne

    Tent Rental Fort Wayne Tent Rental Fort Wayne

    Summit City Rental has the best tent rental fort wayne.

    Tent rental Fort Wayne you should be cautious when selecting the right company. Summit City Rental offers white vinyl tents that are great for any event.

    Tent Rental Fort Wayne consist of many different tent rentals including:

    20' x 20' High Peak Frame Tent Rental:  This high peak frame tent rental in Fort Wayne is great for graduations in Fort Wayne, birthdays in Fort Wayne, and small gatherings. This tent rental in Fort Wayne does not have a center pole down the middle. It has cross cables holding the center pole up. This tent looks amazing and our crew only spends a few hours setting up. Making tent rental Fort Wayne perfect for any situation.

    Tent Rental Fort Wayne Tent Rental Fort Wayne

    Tent rental Fort Wayne our popular tent so far in 2015 has been the 40' Hexagon High Peak Frame Tent. This tent is great for seating up to 80. It is perfect for that wedding reception and family gathering. This tent rental has 9' tall sidewalls that makes you feel an even open space. That space is great because the ceiling is super high allowing a great view and great room inside the tent.

    tent rental fort wayne tent rental fort wayne

    The classic 40' wide tent rental is by far most common, but not are favorite:

    The 40' wide tent goes from 40' wide to 100' long. This is known for those weddings that are over 150 + individuals. This tent rental is great for a standard tent. A 40' x 40' wide tent is great tent rental. However, if you want a spacious and roomy feel go for a high peak frame tent rental.

    40' x 60' White Pole Tent Rental Fort Wayne, Syracuse, Warsaw, Indiapolis

    Summit City Rental is here to help with your tent rental. Call us at (260) 267-6730 to figure out what your best tent rental.

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