Delivery and Pickup Fees

Fort Wayne Chair Rental delivery and Indianapolis delivery chair rental. Delivery Fees + Delivery Locations

Summit City Rental delivers our chair rentals through the midwest. These locations include: Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio.

All Delivery Fees for any rental is calculated at checkout by zip code. Of course you can avoid delivery fees by picking up the rentals from our warehouse at 16219 Gar Creek Road, New Haven, IN 46774.


Why are delivery fees added on top of the rental product:

We try to offer affordable rental items that our below competitors prices. Just like an ecommerce website, they charge for delivery or raise the prices for FREE delivery. Instead of offerig FREE delivery, we offer very low delivery cost and low rental prices. However, unlike an ecommerce website we have trucks that will delivery the rental items. Then our crew (for the same cost) will go back to the location to pick up the rental items.


Is Summit City Rental able to just drop off and the client (you) drop off or vice versa:

Unfortunately this is not possible if you request just a pick up or just a drop off, there will be a full delivery charge applied.


Avoiding Delivery Fees:

Delivery fees can be avoided by picking up and dropping off at our Warehouse located at 16219 Gar Creek Road, New Haven, IN 46774. We make our rentals accomodating for individuals picking up and dropping off, so you are not in a time crunch.

How to figure out delivery cost:

Grab your rental items from our website and add them to your cart. Fill in the City, State, and Zip Code, which will prompt an option for delivery. If this is not being prompted please contact us and we will send you an estimated cost.