Blog - Why Rent Uplights

By Eric Smith 8/16/2016 2:30 PM

Why Rent Uplighting?

A question everybody ask themselves when throwing an event. A person realizes that uplighting rental offers an amazing look, but is it worth? Especially, when an upgrade can occur with cocktail hour or buffet dinner v sit down dinner. Whatever the amount may be that can upgrade, it is not worth it. Renting uplights is affordable with Summit City Rental.


History Lesson online Uplighting Rental

Adding elegant lighting in the 1990's used to be a huge expense and time consuming. Why was there a huge expense for elegant lighting? The lights were par cans which were a lighbulb that disposed of white only. Therefore, the lighting designer needed gels to create the perfect light for the event. Thus, causing the use of 10 lights to produce each color needed and having to buy each gel needed for each par can.

Present Day Lesson online for renting lights

There are still a few occasions the par cans are used. Often more and more there are led lighting lights which produce over a 100 colors in one light. The invention of the LED and especially the Red, Green and Blue led have allowed for colors to come into any event. Also, it has become affordable to purchase these lights because they can be rented out multiple times for different events. Thus, savings is passed onto the clients. Affordability comes the ability for everyone to enjoy up lighting rentals for their event.

Why Rent Uplights v. Increase Food

Well we can't give every person all pros because unfortunately there are cons with renting from Summit City Rental. Hopefully the cons are not game changers and the benefit wil be seen. 

Question: Do I have to set up the up lighting rental? 

Pro: Unfortunately, yes. However, it is super easy to do because programming colors can be done prior to shipping or prior to event date. Also, we include up to 10 foot length cords so they are easy to find an out let. Plus, each up light rental can be plugged into the other up light rental. 

Con: Each person has to set out about 30 minutes to set up the lighting rentals. But, that 30 minutes can be sent to another indvidual for the uplighting rentals. 

Question: Do I have to pay for the shipping up lighting rental?

Pro: Every order received free nationwide shipping in the United States. The uplight rental orders will arrive by FedEx Ground.

Con: Most lighting rental orders need dropped off at a FedEx location. However, for an additional fee we can arrange to have FedEx pick up the lighting rentals.

 Question: Can I rent any number of uplights from Summit City Rental?

 Pro: Absolutely. This can be one uplight to hundreds of uplights. Best part is, that each person is able to receive discounts for more up lights rented.

Con: None that we can think of because each person receives free shipping and no minimum quanityt. Only con is that to recieve discount is ordering number of lights.

Uplighting Rental pdf form PDF of why to rent uplights