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By Eric Smith 7/13/2016 9:52 AM

Up Lighting Rental? Should you get it? Do I need it?

Up Lighting has been a popular keyword that you wonder what is it? Who supplies it? Who should I use? These are all great questions. As you are planning your wedding, you are introduced to so many amazing items from guest favors, exotic food choices, exotic desserts, and so much more. However, up lighting can change your reception hall from "OK" to "WOW"!


Up Lighting sits on the ground and shoots upwards "washing" the walls with bright led lights set to your colors. You can have the lights fade, change to the music, or stay to a standard color. An up light provides LED lighting against a reception wall by sitting on the ground.


Up Lighting depends on your reception hall. If your reception has solid walls then you want UP LIGHTING! HANDS DOWN! Who do I get it from?

Where to get Up Lighting?

YOU CALL US NOW at (260) 267-6730. We service reception halls with up lighting throughout Fort Wayne, IN every weekend! When you see an up light rental in Fort Wayne, IN it is probably a Summit City Rental Fort Wayne up light rental. Pkus, we ship out over 40-80 uplighting rentals every weekend across the nation. Why?

Why choose Summit CIty Rental Up Lights?

We are the biggest Up Light company in Fort Wayne, IN! We have over 200 up lights, ship nationally, and we can ensure the up lights are to your colors with our technology!


Next time you are at a friends wedding and you see an up light. Check the up light out! 9 times out of 10 it will be a Summit City Rental Chauvet Par 56 up light rental providing the up light rental for your Friends wedding!

Book your light now, which can be from 1 - 100 :)

Have fun planning your wedding!

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