Blog - Uplight Rental Videos showing multiple colors.

By Eric Smith 3/17/2016 6:20 PM

Uplight Rental Video Overview

We have compiled a list of some uplight rental videos from real weddings. These up light rentals were set up around their reception. You (Bride, Event Planner, or Friend) can view the multiple colors that our wedding uplight rentals can do at an affordable uplighting rental price. However, if you need to reserve the uplight rentals, reserve them now and book early!

Rental Uplight Video why?

Our videos of uplighting rental show you how our uplights work besides using pictures. Many individuals are unaware that our (Summit City Rental's) uplight rentals are capable of doing multiple colors. These colors vary from white to a dark purple and everything in between.

Take a seat back and check out our uplight rental videos:

Uplight Rental Video 1


Uplight Rental Video 2


Uplight Rental Video 3


Uplight Rental Video 4