Fort Wayne Porta Potty Rental. Where to rent a restroom rental in Fort Wayne, IN.

Construction Porta Potty Rentals in Fort Wayne, Indiana

It is a new build, renovation, ground work, or road work. We see those portable restroom or porta potty rentals sitting at the job site. Here, at Summit City Rental we provide those portable restroom rentals in Fort Wayne. Our Portable Restrooms come with weekly service by our driver technicians, wash down once a month, restocked toilitries, and pick up/drop off. We are your team for the porta potty rentals. 

A constuction porta potty rental in Fort Wayne is a low cost investment. So, the question is why NOT add a porta potty rental to your construction site. They are recommended for any individual less than 20 employees. In addition, it is recommended you have a portable restroom for every 20 employees you have on site. This keep the restroom clean and over use not occuring when next service occurs. 

Our Difference in Porta Potty Rentals?

It is known in the world of sanitation that most companies offer very little customer service. We understand this because some of them are one man operators offering that killer deal or same rate. But, what is wrong is when you need attention and no one is answering the phone you become frustrated. At Summit City Rental we here that and we have a team able to answer the phone quickly. As we understand your project doesn't wait when you get going. If its a call to a voicemail we'll do our best to reach out quickly without any issues. In addition, we have a team of individual and equipment able to us. Through our growing pains we have accumulated equipment to keep you in service week after week. 

Our Difference In Service of Porta Potty Rentals?

In addition to answering our phone calls we also inform and recommend portable restrooms for your job site by feedback we hear. We know and understand it can be frustrating with the influx of individuals per week to accomplish jobs but we understand this and work with you to resolve this. Whether that is increasing service frequency or adding another pot. Our recommendation will be brought for the best of you, your crew and our crew. 

Our Payment Methods in Porta Potty Rentals?

We are new school mixed with old school. We have the ability to accept payment via credit card, online through our portal system, or old fashioned check. As of course we do require payments up front for any job via a credit card just to make sure you are who you say you are. But, once the first month is done we are smooth sailing to how you want your payment to be made. Plus, we have an integrated system that once the check or credit card payment has been made our system automatically emails you with an invoice and receipt of services rendered. We are here with the new school and mixed with that old school.