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By Eric Smith 8/27/2016 7:26 PM

Affordable DIY Fort Wayne Photo Booth Rental

Are you tired of seeing the high rates for a Fort Wayne photo booth rental? If yes, then has the solution.

We have searched the United States to create an affordable Photo Booth Rental in Fort Wayne. With, this photo booth is not only an affordable photobooth rental, but comes with tons more!

Now, lets create a table with the Summit City Rental Fort Wayne photo booth rental compared to other companies.

Summit City Rental Photo Booth Rental Fort Wayne

  • Digital Photos is unlimited
  • Time Limit is unlimited (Starts when the party starts and goes until the party ends. No time limit!)
  • Email of digital photos is unlimited
  • Unlimited Facebook post of digital photos
  • Props
  • Lighting
  • Backdrop
  • Screen Navigation
  • Easy to read directions
  • Easy to set up & tear down
  • Create 3 second short videos to share
  • Add prints for only $55 for every 100 prints you want.

Summit City Rental Photobooth Rental Fort Wayne Competition

  • There is a time limit of 4 hours and extra $$$$$ if you want more time.
  • Cost for props to be added on
  • Annoying attendant that doesn't look part of the event and limits availability
  • Doesn't allow posting to Facebook or send via Email
  • Does not allow videos to be created
  • Cost for delivery and can not be set up by yourself
  • No efficient lighting
  • Cost extra for a backdrop $$$$
  • Limited options on navigation screen
  • They are carrying machine out during the event
  • No easy to read directions

Here, it is clearly obvious that Summit City Rental booth is the way to go. Wait! What about pricing.

Finally, our pricing for our Fort Wayne Photo Booth Rental is only: $275.00. Yes that's right! Starting out at only $275.00.

On the other hand, compared to over $500 dollars for a photo booth rental in Fort Wayne that only is good for 4 hours.

Reserve the Fort Wayne photo booth rental by Summit City Rental today!


Fort Wayne Photo Booth Rental Fort Wayne photo booth rental instructions.


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