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By Eric Smith 3/5/2016 6:51 PM

Indianapolis Gold Chiavari Chair Rental Quick Overlook:

How do I place my Indianapolis gold chiavari chair rental order online:

Place your Indianapolis rental order online at Placing your order online is easy, fast and on your own time. To place the Indianapolis order online, follow these three easy steps.

Step One, place your start date and end date of the rental policy.

(This would be your Indianapolis wedding rental date. The Indianapolis end rental date will be the same day as the start date.)

Step Two, enter the quantity of Indianapolis gold chiavari chair rentals you need for your event, what color of pad you want and if you want us to set the chairs up and tear the chairs down. (Delivery Fee will be added at checkout.)

Step Three, check out through our one page checkout with only a 15% deposit of total.

(After you checkout your Indianapolis rental order, you will receive an email. This email will be sent confirming your Indianapolis rental order. You will receive event reminders when your day comes closer. You will receive a phone call on scheduling times as the dates is closer.)


What is the Indianapolis delivery or pick up policy for Indianapolis chair rentals:

            Rental Delivery Policy:

            We (Summit City Rental) offer the availability to deliver your Indianapolis rental items to your location. This delivery fee does not mean we will set up or tear down the Indianapolis chairs. When we arrive, we will drop your Indianapolis rental items off twenty feet from the truck. If it is an excess of twenty feet please call us as there may be an additional charge. This twenty feet does not include going up more than five stairs. However, if you would like us to set up and tear down the Indianapolis rental items each Indianapolis rental item will have the option to have a set up and tear down fee. This fee varies per Indianapolis rental item. As a customer you can pick and choose what Indianapolis event rental or Indianapolis wedding rental items you want set up and torn down.  

            Rental Pick Up Policy:

            When choosing to pick up your Indianapolis rentals you will arrive to our warehouse: 16219 Gar Creek Road, New Haven, IN 46774. At the warehouse you will be greeted by an individual that will receive the items and help you load them into your trailer or vehicle. We will need your assistance at all times loading or unloading rental items. When you return the items, you may return the items with NO Summit City Rental staff member. We allow returns to be done anytime of the day. Therefore, we do not always have a staff member available to help.

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How the return of Indianapolis chiavari chair rentals work:

Depending on your choices of delivery or pick up this can vary. If there is a Indianapolis delivery and we are setting up and tearing down. Then you don’t need to worry about anything. On the other hand if we are NOT setting up or tearing down Indianapolis event rentals, you will have to stack them back up where they were dropped off.

If you picked up your Indianapolis chiavari chair rental. You can drop your Indianapolis chiavari chairs off anytime you want. This time period is within the return period of your Indianapolis rentals. Usually all pick up Indianapolis rentals are due back two days after Indianapolis event rental date.


Canceling your Indianapolis rental:

We do allow cancellation of any order. However, the deposit of 15% is non-refundable. Our policy enforces this because there is an office staff that has spent minimum 10-15 minutes of processing your order, calculating travel time and ensuring all your request are met. When we cancel the order there is a five minutes spent in the office cancelling the event. Since, we spend close to a half hour of just office staff, we don’t refund the 15% deposit. However, if it’s the transferring to a different date within four months we will transfer the deposit to a new date for you.

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What is your Indianapolis rental policy:

We break down our Indianapolis gold chiavari chair rental policy so we can give you a clearer understanding of how our Indianapolis rental policy works.

            When would my Indianapolis gold chiavari chairs arrive:

Summit City Rental Delivers:

We will deliver the Indianapolis chair rentals the day of or day before the scheduled Indianapolis chair rental to your event hall. If your event hall allows earlier day we will strive for an earlier day. However, if your event hall requires the same day delivery then they will be delivered usually between 9 a.m. – 11 a.m.

Customer Pick Up:

You usually can pick your Indianapolis gold chiavari chair rentals up two days prior to your event rental or wedding rental. However, if there is another booking the day before you can pick up your chair rental the day of between: 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.

            When are the gold chiavari chairs due back:

Summit City Rental Delivers:

We will pick up the chairs the day of or day after the scheduled chair rental to your event hall. If your event hall allows day after we will strive to pick up after the event. However, if your event hall requires the same day pick up then they will be picked up thirty minutes after event is finished. You must inform us five business days prior if your event will be longer. Once we arrive, we will NOT wait for the party to finish. Our staff will start tearing down. If we are told to wait twenty minutes to an hour you will be billed for the number of individuals times $20 for an inconvenience charge.  

Customer Drop Off:

You can drop off your gold chiavari chair rental up two days post your event rental or wedding rental. However, if there is another booking the day after you MUST drop your chair rental the same day of rental. Otherwise you will be charged for a second day rental charge.


            What is the down deposit or security deposit:       

First, we (Summit City Rental) do NOT require any security deposits. However, we do require a down deposit. So, what is the difference between down deposit and security deposit?

We do require a down deposit for any gold chiavari chair rental. Our down deposit is 15% of the rental amount. That means the 15% you put down is part of the total.

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What happens if gold chiavari chairs are returned late:

Your event is over and a stress level has just been lifted, we understand this. However, our Indianapolis gold chiavari chair rentals need to be sent to the next customer. We ask that if you are going to be late on returning to call us. We have a limited number of gold chiavari chairs rentals and have deadlines to keep. However, if no phone call or email is made when their due we do charge two dollars per chair rental per day. This can add up, but we have deadlines to make and other customers that we have to fulfill gold chiavari chair rentals. How would you like if the Indianapolis gold chiavari chair rentals you rented arrived late to your event? It wouldn’t be good because you might not have a chance to set them up. All in all, please call us if you are going to be late. This allows Summit City Rental to update everything.  


We are going to place the Indianapolis gold chivari chairs outside. What happens if it rains:

The Indianapolis gold chiavari chairs you rented can stay outside, but we do need you to remove all pads. The pads are a cushion that can become wet and ruined during rain. If pads are returned wet or dirty there will be a one dollar cleaning fee. It sounds ridiculous, but these pads require a lot of labor. We have to remove the cushion from the fabric, wash the fabric, dry the fabric, dry the cushion and then put them back together. Try doing that 300 times a weekend.

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Cost to rent Indianapolis gold chiavari chairs:

Our Indianapolis gold chiavari chairs, rent for $6.95/each with ivory soft pad. This price does not include set up, tear down or delivery. Set up, tear down or delivery of the Indianapolis gold chiavari chair rental is an additional charge.


What color of pads do you have:

Every Indianapolis gold chiavari chair rental comes standard with an ivory soft pad. If you would like to upgrade to a color pad, please let us know. We can receive many Indianapolis different styles and colors.

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When do I need to place my Indianapolis rental order:

We recommend that you try to rent your Indianapolis gold chiavari chairs six to nine months prior to your Indianapolis event rental date. However, most of the time we can NOT fulfill last minute orders too. (We just ask that you check with us.) With that being said, you are probably on the fence about renting gold chiavari chairs. We suggest renting the Indianapolis gold chiavari chairs earlier because it guarantees availability for your event. Nobody wants to run into NO availability for their event because of last minute. That is why we suggest six to nine months to place your lighting rental order for Indianapolis wedding rentals or Indianapolis event rentals. Plus, we are one of the few companies with large amounts of Indianapolis gold chiavari chairs to rent.


How many Indianapolis gold chiavari chairs do you recommend:

This depends on the look you want. Some individuals use Indianapolis gold chiavari chairs for just their weddings head table or bridal table. Others have enough Indianapolis gold chiavari chairs for every guest. This depends on your budget to know how many Indianapolis gold chiavari chair to rent.


Where do you deliver the Indianapolis chair rentals to:

We deliver throughout Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and Michigan. To receive a quote please check out and enter your zip code. We are a Fort Wayne and Indianapolis rental company, but deliver consistently to the following cities and states:

Chicago, IL Chair Rental, Fort Wayne, IN Chair Rental, Van Wert, OH Chair Rental, Indianapolis, IN Chair Rental, Lansing, MI Chair Rental, Auburn, IN Chair Rental, Syracuse, IN Chair Rental, South Bend, IN Chair Rental, and more.

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Pictures of our gold Indianapolis chiavari chairs for rent:

Below of our Indianapolis Gold Chivari Chairs they are placed with an Ivory 120" round linen.

Fort Wayne Chivari Chair Rental

Fort Wayne Chivari Chair Rental


Summit City Rental provides the best in the Fort Wayne industry.

If you are looking for a delivery outside of Fort Wayne call us at (260) 267-6730 or 844-Summit-8 and we can provide a shipping quote!

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